Best Ways to Prevent Leaking in Uwell Vapes


If you are a fan of Uwell products and love the look, feel and performance of the tanks and mods, but dislike the leaking that sometimes happens with them, then this article is for you.

Uwell is one of the most popular vape brands on the market. Their tanks are known for their durability and quality. However, leaks in your uwell pods can cause you to lose e-juice quickly and waste money.

Here are some tips to prevent leaking in Uwell Vapes:

Confirm the Seal is Correctly Tight

The first thing you want to ensure is that the seal is correctly tight. This can be done by simply removing the tank from your device and reinserting it. If it doesn’t take much effort, then your seal is fine. If it requires a lot of force, then you need to tighten the tank down further.

Keep the Tank in an Upright Position

Another thing to try if you are having leaking problems is keeping your tank upright when filling, refilling and vaping. If you have filled up your tank with juice and put it down on its side or upside down for any reason, this can cause leaking issues. Try keeping it upright at all times, especially during filling or refilling sessions to prevent leaking problems from occurring again in future sessions.

Ensure No Juice is Remaining in the Chimney

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people forget to do this step before vaping again. The first thing you should do when you stop vaping is empty out any remaining e-juice from your tank by unscrewing it from your mod and taking out the coil head. This will ensure that no juice remains inside when you start using it again later on. If you don’t do this, then it may leak once more as soon as you fill up again!

Check Your O-Rings

This is the most common cause of leaks in Uwell vapes. If you have a new tank, it’s possible that the o-rings are not properly seated on your coil head or base. If you have an older tank, it’s possible that your o-rings have worn down over time. Check that each one is fully seated before using your tank again by pressing down on them until they stop moving or by giving them a gentle twist with your finger while pressing down on them until they stop moving and don’t move anymore when you take your finger off of them.

Ensure Your Airflow is Correctly Adjusted

If there is too much airflow coming through the coil, then this will cause e-liquid to leak out of the top of the tank. If there is too little airflow coming through, then this will cause e-liquid to leak out of the bottom of the tank. Ensure that your airflow is adjustable so that it can be set at an appropriate level for both mouth-to-lung and direct lung hits.


Sometimes it’s a good idea to let your tank and coil settle for at least 5 minutes before you begin to vape. While it might seem like a minor inconvenience, at best, leaking can have adverse effects on your overall experience with a vape. It can also pose a risk to those around you, and cause damage to your e-cig hardware. If you’ve been wondering how you can prevent leaking in your Uwell vape, the options stated here should be helpful.

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