How Does a Garage Door Work?


Every house has a garage door which you use to leave and enter the house sometimes or to keep your vehicles safe inside the garage. Have you ever gotten curious while seeing a garage door work? What are the mechanics behind their working and how do they lift and close every time with just a flick of your hand? The northwest doors are trying to provide people with information and service of garage doors.

If you do not know how a garage door works, all you need to do is read this article.

What Makes the Smooth Working of Garage Door Possible?

There are two types of systems that make it possible for a garage to work. One of them is called the Extension Spring System and the other is the Torsion Spring System. Nowadays, the Torsion Spring System is more popular than the Extension Spring System. Before knowing about them, you should understand the parts of a garage door that make it easier for the door to work.

Parts Of A Garage Door


Without springs, no garage door can work. They help in closing and lifting the door. The placement of springs in the Extension Spring System and Torsion Spring System is different.


Cables are attached with the springs to make the door lifting and closing smooth and easy.

Other Parts

Apart from springs and cables, there are also significant parts that make the working of a garage door possible. These parts include hinges, tracks, rollers, weatherstripping, and struts.

Types of Garage Door Systems

Extension Spring System

In this type of garage door system, a wire or string is attached to two springs, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the door. This wire and spring duo helps the doors close and open. When the door closes, the wire stretches taking the spring to the bottom, and energy is stored. This stored energy is used when the door lifts and the springs come into action. You need to make sure that the springs you are using are top quality because if they are not, there is a great chance of them breaking.

Torsion Spring System

As this garage door system is getting popular, let’s have a look at how it works. The main element in this system is torsion springs. These springs are the ones that enable a door to open and close on its own. These springs are typically placed at the top of roll up door, horizontally on the opening. The springs are attached with the strings or cables are attached on the end of the door. When the door of the garage gets closed, the coil of the spring compresses and that’s how the energy is stored. When you need to open the door of the garage, the string makes the spring unwind and the stored energy is used to lift the door.


Garage Doors are a fascinating thing if you are interested in their work. If you were curious about how they work, this article was especially for you because, in it, we tried to cover everything that could tell you how a garage door works.

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