Reasons to Use Industrial Tablets in Manufacturing


Commercial tablets are quite popular and widely used in the manufacturing environment. These tablets have taken a more specialized approach then their consumer-focused counterparts. You can think of them as military-grade tablets as opposed to regular devices because of their durability, reliability, and cost. They are known to have rugged design and hardware additions, such as card readers, barcode readers, and productivity applications. In fact, for more information on why industrial tablets are favorite devices for manufacturing environments keep reading.

Cost Benefits

Although consumer devices are useful business enablers, when it comes to manufacturing environment, you need military-grade tablets. Security issues, fail rates, downtime, and maintenance because of inadequate ruggedness of regular tablets can easily add up. After many years of use the average cost of an industrial tablet is lower than that of regular tablet.

Uptime Benefits

The truth is that lost productivity can be attributed to the use of consumer-grade tablets. Studies have shown that up to 60 minutes of productivity are lost daily because of mobile device failure. Unfortunately, consumer tablets are known to have a higher failure rate than their consumer counterparts. This is the case when they are used in manufacturing.

Remember that the manufacturing setting is quite demanding. Therefore, the equipment needs to be durable, reliable, and sturdy to withstand dirty, vibration, shock, liquid spills, and dust. An industrial tablet has a higher IP rating and can perform flawlessly even in harsh conditions.

Productivity Applications

Industrial tablets have certain compatibility requirements when used in manufacturing environments. Your employees are required to use the software applications they use in the workplace. Thus, when buying commercial tablets make sure they are compatible with your enterprise software. Familiarity of the user interface and ease of use make commercial tablets easy to use.

Security Benefits

Industrial tablets help improve security due to their authentication options, such as smart card readers, biometric readers, and RFID scanners. With advanced authentication, you can allow data access clearance and sophisticated account management. Other important security features include secure data transmission and data encryption. Therefore, commercial tablets offer excellent data security features.

Excellent Battery Life

In the manufacturing environment, battery life is an important aspect. The truth is that industrial tablets offer unlimited battery life thanks to rechargeable batteries and powerful power cells. As a result, these tablets can help minimize power interruptions experienced in the manufacturing sector.

Equipment Benefits

Mounting connectors, docking, and legacy ports allow commercial tablets to be attached to equipment, such as picking carts and forklifts. Some mounting options allow users to move them around the facility as they perform other duties. With manufacturing floor space being limited, there is a need to get lightweight industrial tablets. This increases visualization, productivity, and ease of use. Additionally, mounting options can free your hands to as you handle manufacturing operations.


The above are some of the top benefits of using industrial tablets in manufacturing. Their sturdy casing means they have excellent drop protection and can withstand harsh weather elements. In addition, you can customize these tablets to provide stellar performance, security, high ROI, and mobility.

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